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About Codeteam

About MailTeam

We are a HTML email development freelancer and agency, working with agencies to build HTML emails which are well-coded, work across all email platforms, built to tight timescales and at great rates. We are based in Manchester UK and have been building HTML emails for agencies since 2009.

All of our HTML emails are built to best practices, and are thoroughly tested on the leading email platforms (using Email on Acid or Litmus) to ensure the email works seamless. We are also work to NDA’s and are 100% white label.


How we (typically) work

Our process is super simple and efficient, designed to help you get the best possible service at the most cost-effective price.

  • You send us the email design, we accept AI, PSD, PDF, XD, Sketch or Figma, and any notes/links you may want adding. The design may just be for desktop, or you may include mobile designs too (no worries if not we can still make responsive).

  • We review and provide you with a fixed cost and deadline. If its going into a mailer like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, Marketo etc we may ask you for logins/access.

  • The job is assigned to one of our email developers, this is usually quick our HTML email developers work to timescales of about 24-48 hours – we can work quicker if needed too 🙂

  • Once the email developer has built the email, they then test it in Email on Acid to ensure it works correctly across all leading email platforms, including responsive and dark modes.

  • Once the email developer is happy with the email, we then send you a link to preview it, and a link to the Email on Acid test results so you can see it working across all email platforms.

  • If you have any amends or changes to feedback, the email developer will action. When you are happy, we will then send you the HTML code ready to use. If your email is going into a mailer, we can either send you the code to import, or if you give us access we can add.

Additional Information

MailTeam are part of Gooey, a white-label development agency based in Manchester, UK. We have been working with agencies since 2009 as their coding partner developing WordPress websites, HTML emails and helping with freelance front-end development.

All of our developers are UK based and employed full-time by Gooey. We are an alternative to freelance developers – agencies choose us over freelance developers as we have similar rates yet by using us you get added benefits such as account managers, project managers, a QA team, and backup developers in case the developer working on your project becomes ill etc.

We work 100% white-label, and can sign NDA’s before work commences.


  • What is a white label agency?

    In a nutshell you get a website or HTML email project, and pass it to us to code, then you deliver it to the client without them ever knowing we were involved. We work under NDA and with complete discretion.

  • Why outsource to a white label agency?

    There is many different reasons for agencies using our development services, some agencies have no developers, some have developers and use us when they have no internal resource or the skill-set, whatever the reason we are always happy to help 😊

    Choosing to outsource can be more efficient and flexible than hiring in-house developers, especially if workloads peak and trough throughout the year.

    Agencies choose us over freelancer’s too as with a white label agency such as MailTeam – you get a broader range of skills and experience as well as account and project managers, a QA team and backup developers.

  • How long have you been in business for?

    We were founded in 2009, our parent company is Team Gooey Limited and Gooey Creative Limited, we also operate under trading names such as The Mail Factory, Doctype and MailTeam.

  • Where are you based?

    We’re based in Manchester, we have an office at 202 Worsley Road, Manchester M27 5SN – you are welcome to visit anytime. Our developers are either based at our office or home-based.

  • When do you work?

    Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, but we can work out of hours or on weekends if required. Just ask for details – we’ll always do our best to accommodate your requirements.

  • How big is your team?

    We have a team of 18, comprising of 12 developers, 2 partnership managers, a project manager, 2 QA specialists and a finance manager.

  • What are your payment terms?

    For emails we invoice on 28 day terms when the email is complete 🙂

Contact Us

If you would like any further information about MailTeam, our services or products, or would just like to meet us, please contact us using the details below: